Pengerebongan is a unique religious rituals usually held every six months in The Great Petilan Temple, Kesiman village, Denpasar, Bali. The purpose of this ritual is a form of gratitude to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa and also neutralize the spirit or evil powers in order not to disturb the human race. Through this ceremony the villagers believe will be spared from the plague and disaster. This sacred ceremonies begins with praying of the local people in Kesiman village, because on that day also held the Odalan ceremony in the Great Petilan Temple. When the ceremony begins, the atmosphere in the temple changed so sacred, then there are some people who lose control over their bodies or we know it as Trance. A variety strange expressions look in some on their faces, such as daydreaming, screaming, crying, and also raging, so need some people to keep them in order not to harm himself or the people around the temple. Then the people who trance and their guards taken out of the temple to surround The Wantilan Temple as much three times, some people who trance piercing a Kris or Bali traditional dagger into his body but the Sharpness of Kris doesn’t hurt them, many people in Bali believe that as evidence of a space between Skala and Niskala or the real and unreal world, that can’t be explain in human logic. After surround The Wantilan Temple three times the people who trance given a holy water or known as Tirta in Bali, then they were led into the temple to make them aware back to the normal condition.


Bali is not only famous by the beauty landscape view, cultural and the traditions but Bali is also famous by its citizens who are very friendly, and a faces from old man in Bali is also very unique, full of gesture and filled with a pure smile, that was my reason photographing the beauty from their faces.

Bali has been very popular among local and foreign tourism, one of which became the main attraction of Bali is a dance, a few months ago I was watching Rejang Dance show, a dance that performed with very simple movements, this dance is usually held at every temple ceremony and also performed with a sense of hydrates, full of devotion to Bhatara Bhatari and while waiting for the show started, I photographed their portraits.

Siat Sampian or young coconut leaf war is an oldest and unique tradition in Bali, which is usually held in the Samuan Tiga Temple, but I photograph this tradition at the Gianyar Art Festival a few months ago. Normally this tradition started with surrounding the area of Samuan Tiga Temple as much 18 times, divided into five rounds with different movements then the women [ premas ] and man [ parekan ] broke away to pray after that they take a young coconut leaf and started this unique ritual, the purpose of this ritual is a overview to the people that sense of togetherness is the solution to resolve conflicts between people